Contraband's motto was "More Music, More Fun!"

Dave played with variations of this mob for almost 10 years.  The final line-up pictured above consisted of (from left to right) Sarah Briscoe, Ted Whiting, Jim Grayberg, Dave “Tiny” Thomley, Jim Heidinger, Russ Grayberg, Dave Schuler and Lawrence “Dee” Griffin.  Other players/singers that weren’t around when this picture was taken were Lori “Soul” Cole, Mike Valenzuela and Jim Wirick.  The band was officially laid to rest when Ted (bass player and owner of our practice space) retired and moved out of state.  Don’t be surprised to see a reunion every year or so.  This group had a lot of fun together right up until the end.


The Garcia Brothers




Here are some links to a few tunes performed by Contraband, recorded live:

Superstition (originally by Stevie Wonder)

Kid Charlemagne (originally by Steely Dan)

Lady Marmalade (originally by Patti LaBelle)

Love Shack (originally by the B52s)